Universal WebCam Adapter History

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The idea of a universal WebCam adapter came from Sylvain Weiller on the QCUIAG email group. Many people on the group had input to the design of the adapter. A significant amount of information changed hands on the email group, ranging from vignetting effects to thread characteristics. This page aims to capture this information and preserve it for those who come after use.

For my part I was just crazy enough to think I could make this thing. Not that it is particularly complicated. And if you are fortunately enough to have a lathe you could make your own with little difficulty. I thought I would make it for those who could not and in doing put back a little help for all the help I have received. I certainly have learnt a lot in the process and have enjoyed the experience. I hope am still enjoying it after I fill all the orders.

The basic problem arises from trying to use commercial web cameras for astronomical purposes. The first task in doing this, once you have the camera is attaching it to the standard 1-1/4" focusing tube on the telescope. We have all used the film canister and plenty of duck tape to checkout various webcams. But as you gain experience and struggle to get better pictures you really want something a lot more stable. And you want to know that the CCD of your camera is centered and perpendicular to the optical axis of your scope. Every WebCam comes with an incredibly small lens originally which is removed and discarded in favor of your favorite telescope with perhaps ten thousand times more light gathering capacity. However, it turns our that the original lens is mounted in a standard  hole with a M12*0.5 thread. For a list of cameras compatible with the universal adapter. Enter the universal which has a 12mm diam, thread 0.5mm pitch on one side and 1 1/4 eyepiece tube at the other.

"All design is a compromise". I don't know who said that but it is true. The main compromise with the universal WebCam adapter originates from the desire to limit the amount of modification to the original WebCam housing and not restrict the amount of light that falls on the camera CCD. Restricting the light causes vignetting of the image. For a discussion of this effect contributed by Dave Allmon check out the vignetting page

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