Para Focal Ring

Picture Description
A few people requested this to help get their webcam focused faster. If you have tried to focus a webcam through a telescope you know how frustrating that can be. If not you will soon find out. How does this ring help.

In the daylight you aim your telescope on a distant object. Then setup your webcam in the telescope and adjust the focus until the image is in focus. Then place a high magnification EP in the telescope with the ring on the barrel. Without changing the the telescope focus lift the EP in the focuser until the image is in focus. Hold it their while you tighten the ring so that it hold the EP in that position. Now your EP is "Para Focal" with your camera. Using this EP you can find, center and focus your target object. Then simply insert the webcam and you will get am image which needs only miner adjustment of position and focus to make it perfect.

A very useful and time saving item.