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Time Lapse Photography

Time lapse photography is used to take a series of images of a subject area over a longer period of time. then play the images back at higher speed. The lunar eclipse example took several hours to occur. Over a thousand images where taken and then compiled into a video format and played back at 25 frames per second. There are many application for this type of imaging in astronomy. Using a DSLR camera you need to be able to action the shutter many thousands of times. Not something you want to do manually.

Most DSLR's have a USB interface that you can connect a computer to and generally come with software that will perform the time lapse shutter control for you. The problem is you have to have the computer near the camera for it all to work. There are remotes that can do this also. Even IR remotes running on PDA hand held computers. This can get a bit expense and still a lot of technology to go wrong when you need it to work. You also need to make sure that the time between images is enough for the camera to save the image to a memory card. If not the internal buffer eventually fills up after a coupler of shots and then the time interval is interrupted. Which can also cause exposure variations which are annoying in the final sequence.

To get these problems and have something simple, easy to carry, and reliable I could use in the most remote locations. I designed the Remote-Canon300D. Run on two AA batteries it will last for a couple of months operation. It plus into the cameras remote shutter release cable so there is no IR remote that can go wrong. Single button operation, can't get any more simple than that.

Set the camera up, plus in the remote. Pressing the button and the camera takes the first shot. Wait the desired time interval and press the button again. That is it. The remote continues to take shots at the same time interval. Press the button again and it stops that sequence and is ready for the next. To get the maximum exposure rate you just watch the camera write the data to the memory card. When it is finished press the button.

The proto-type was built for the Canon 300D. Because that's what I have. This is compatible with some other Canon DSLRs. The 400D requires a different plug. his will be available soon. I will add a full list of compatible cameras shortly. Email me if you have any questions.

Compatible Cameras vs Remote Models


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