The making of an Adapter

Below is a pictorial view of the process with descriptions. For a 12 step process list look here

Mvc-006s.jpg (18767 bytes) It all starts with 1 5/8th black Delrin rode.Really nice stuff to machine. Brought from the local plastic supply shop.
Mvc-004s.jpg (47790 bytes) Then it goes through the 12 step production process. Note the Die resting on top of the Lathe. This is the 7*10 Lathe from Harbor Freight Tools. A good unit I have been very happy with it. Each step requires a tooling change so you can appreciate why doing them in batches is essential for sanity.
Mvc-005s.jpg (34074 bytes) Most of it ends up in here. These little black shavings are the worst. They have static charge and cling to every thing. That is until you walk inside. They have the amazing ability to be able to migrate throughout your world. I am continually in trouble for this. If only I could think of a use for them. A batch of ten fills this box. The only good thing is they don't cut you like steel does.
Mvc-007s.jpg (31414 bytes) Some always seem to end in the reject pile. Notice the to test lens holders. One is a tight fit the other is loose. I try to keep in between these to. Also the moon filter which has been screwed onto all the adapters.
UWAS.jpg (11836 bytes) Finally the finished adapter. Washed and dried ready for shipping.