SLR to Webcam Adapter

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Here are some images of the adapter being used. This adapter is for the Vesta Pro and Nikon lens.

Images Description
Here the Vesta to Nikon adapter is used to mount a 70-210 Zoom lens to the Vesta camera. There is a flat on the bottom of the adapter with a 1/4 - 20 tripod thread. A small tripod is being used to hold the setup. You could use this to mount the unit to your scope. For this size lens the tripod mount seem to work very well and the unit is balanced just forward of the mounting point.
Looking at the lens end of the adapter. You can see the bayonet mounting points. The index mark is a small hole that you use to line up the lens when inserting it into the adapter. The ball plunger clicks into the lens when it is turned into position. This holds the lens in place and stops it falling out of the bayonet when you are focusing. The step in the bottom of the adapter allows for full illumination of the CCD.
Looking at the webcam end of the adapter. I mark on each adapter what it fits as there is very little difference between them all. As they are made they get this marking so you should get the one you need.

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