The Universal WebCam Adapter

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If you are interested in using a web cam to perform astronomical imaging work you will need to adapt the camera by some means to your telescope eye piece. The Universal WebCam Adapter (UWA) is a simple device that screws into the Web Cam in place of the original lens. For history on the UWA development. For WebCam information visit AstroCam site. If you are interested in how they are made click here

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*** DSLR 2 inch variable focal reducer - For Orion ED80 users ***

*** Double Focal Reducer gives F/0.2 reduction ***

*** SLR lens to Webcam Adapter ***
*** Find out more ***

*** NEW - I found a source for ToUcam Pro II 840's in the USA and Australia**

*** NOTE: A PARFOCal ring can make it a lot easier switching between eyepeice and camera when locating and tracking your target. You can also use an F-0.3EXT as an eyepiece barrel extender if you need to get your eyepiece further back to get it para-focal with your camera. ***

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Compatible CAMERAS

Examples of what people have achieved with a webcam
*** Fantastic Webcam Rotating Mars Image by Tom Matheson***

To find out about Webcams and how to use them for astro imaging, Join:

QuickCam and Unconventional Imaging Astronomy Group
QCAUIG Archives is the best place to read all about it


Adapter Model and Cost:

I am able to offer the adapter for the follow cost in US dollars

The universal part is not totally universal due to the large variation in WebCam designs. You will need to select the appropriate version for your specific camera. See Camera page for selection assistance.

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Webcam Adapter

UWAS-F (Standard 1.25" Filter Thread)    
UWAT-F  (ToUcam) [Info] (Standard 1.25" Filter Thread)    
UWAL-F (Standard 1.25" Filter Thread  
UWAC-F (1-32 C-Mount to 1.25" Filter thread  
UWAS-9 (Short with 0.965" barrel instead of 1.25")   
UWAT-9 (ToUcam with 0.965" barrel instead of 1.25")   
UWAL-9 (Long with 0.965" barrel instead of 1.25")   
UWAC-9 (1-32 C-Mount to 0.965"   
PARFOC A 1.25" ring with set screw. Slides onto eyepiece barrel. Allows you to make your Eyepiece para focal with your camera. Very handy unit.   

T-Thread and Meade ETX Adapters

T-Thread (1.25" to T-Thread + eyepiece projection tube)    
1.25-T (Screws onto T-Thread and allows a 1.25" EP or UWAS to be inserted - for EP Projection applications)    
1.25-ETX  (Meade ETX scope rear pot thread to 1.25" tube so you can insert your web cam)  
CAP-T (Female T-Thread Dust Cap)  

Focal Reducers and Filters

F2-VFR-T (A 2" variable focal reducer f/0.66 to f/0.7 with male T-Thread adapter to fit to your camera. Especially designed for DSLR cameras for use with the Orion MD-80. Can be used with other T-Thread mounts and 2" focuser tube equipped telescope.  
F-0.6FR (A 0.6 focal reducer that screws into a filter thread. For UWAS-F, UWAT-F adapters)
I have found a reasonable source of new coated optics for the focal reducer. I had to raise the price a little to cover the cost but the quality and consistency will be worth it.

*** Double Focal Reducer gives F/0.2 reduction ***

F-0.3EXT (Extender tube to make the F-0.6FR into a 0.3FR (Only works with SCT scopes due to the amount of focuser travel required - for more details  
F-WIND (Clear coated window to screw onto your -F adapter and keep out the dust) 
I am out of stock and cannot get the parts I need to make these at the moment, sorry.
F-UWIR IR filter for use with webcams and refractors (See: Filter Test Page)  

SLR Lens Adapters - For More Details

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See specification page for more details on model variations.


World Wide Shipping and Handling charge  

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