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Replace your DSI/DSI Pro convection heat sink with a regulated Peltier cooled back.

*** NEW Outback III Series released  January 2008 ***

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Meade are releasing the new DSI III & DSI Pro III cameras in November. The case slightly different to the current DSI so the Outback needs to be re-designed. I will have available in late November the Outback III series coolers that will fit the DSI III and DSI Pro III cameras.

Check under "Availability" for more details

A regulated replacement back electronic cooler for the Meade DSI and DSI Pro Astronomy Camera.

Significantly reduces dark noise and hot pixels

Cools CCD below ambient temperature

Maintains the CCD at a constant set temperature throughout the imaging session

Bolt on replacement for standard DSI rear heat sink.

The Outback information contained on these pages is preliminary and subject to change at any time.

Please email me on steven@moggadapters.com if you have any further questions or comments

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